3 Months and Counting


April 16, 2013 by ianandpatrick

It’s getting closer!!!

Well all of the invites are out! the rings have arrived, entertainment and some wonderful surprises have been booked,  we still have the Cake to find but our ‘To Do’ list is getting noticeably shorter (what have we forgotten?)

If you’ve been sent a menu please let us know as soon as possible what you would like to eat.

Again if you’re traveling to London to celebrate with us please take at look at out Where to Stay Page to find local accommodation, likewise if you find a hotel/B&B/apartment nearby that we haven’t mentioned, please post on the page to let others know.

If you have any questions about the big day please respond to this post or email



One thought on “3 Months and Counting

  1. gary and viv says:

    how quick have these months gone????? Gary just ordered his suit? i must start browseing now! can’t wait ! xxxxx whoop! whoop! x

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